It was an unusually cold spring in the Pacific Northwest and it was no surprise to encounter snow at 6,000 feet in mid-July. The 15 to 20 foot cornices around the rim made it difficult to see the lava dome from the 8,365 foot summit. I decided to climb the crater peak behind me with the intention of getting a better view. When I arrived at the top, I saw a wooden cross that had the words: "In Memory of Joe" written on it. The cross was for Joseph Bohlig, age 52, who was standing on the crater rim with his friend to pose for a picture. The cornice broke, and he fell 1,500 feet to his death on 2-15-10. It was his 68th time to the summit.

Photography is my way of sharing different thoughts, feelings, and emotions with people who have similar interests, concepts and imaginations. I usually do this by lacing up my hiking boots and taking the time to explore the lay of the land that surrounds me. It could be a small flower next to the trail or a raging river in early spring. My camera takes me north, south, east and west. I currently live in the Willamette Valley. This is an ideal location, as it's only an hour from the Oregon Coast, Cascade Mountain Range, and the Columbia River Gorge. For me, nature photography is a way of sharing a part of the world that I care very much about. My galleries are primarily focused on landscapes and seascapes, although you will find some man-made things that vary from a 3,500 year old pictograph, to a John Deere tractor in a tulip field. I hope you enjoy my galleries. Contact:

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